Stiletto Slave

Stiletto Slave
Wednesday, 14 December 2011
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For those Who Worship,Want,Desire,Love everything to do with the marvel of Feminine Footware

Are You worthy of Being a STILETTO SLAVE?

              This is the Group You must fully submit to.Admit your weakness for that that is High In Heel and Become One of us



Thursday, 09 February 2012 by lindaannbound

                             Welcome all new stiletto slaves

I want to warmly invite you and hope to see you post any items that are stiletto worthy?articles,photos, personal collections ,shopping wish lists?

that will make this a better and site that more will visit and more interesting to come to!

Luv editor,CEO of stiletto slave coporate,Linda Ann Barlow

well I have a blk patent lace up knee high Bitch boot w/stainless steel stiletto at 6 1/4" that's fun trying to maneuver in,and i finally broke down and purchased devious 1020 7' ankle high Blk Ballet boots.And You must be a bitch?Cause this baby's are a total bitch .I can stand up right (not holding something)and squat and stand again.Walking is just to painful.But practice does make you better.I also suggest getting gel toe pads from a dance supply store.Make sure there the right size and prepare for wicked cramps if you haven't experienced a ballet position? Damm I knew I should of done Ballet when I was younger!
Last replied by lindaannbound on Tuesday, 08 July 2014
please be patient,due to the underwhelming response on this topic,I find myself president ,member,support staff,security,our cafeteria lady and one who responded promptly to me.Linda Please don't mention it.Don't tell me on how to run My group. You answering any and all query's ,here a "Stiletto Slave "l.t.d. makes Me? linda you alright? Immm fucking fine bitch,ansering me as me,you think?
Last replied by lindaannbound on Saturday, 30 June 2012

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